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  • Shallow nasal swabs

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Protect Your Workplace from the Spread of COVID-19

Safety & Continuity For Your Business

Regular rapid testing is a critical tool to screen asymptomatic people who are potentially infectious with COVID-19. For as little as $14 a test, your business can manage risks related to the pandemic, help keep your workforce safe, and maintain operations.

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Tests Start at $14

Pricing based on order volumes and test model

Accurate & Effective

Test sensitivity rates over 90%

Choose From Multiple Makes/Models

We only sell rapid antigen tests authorized by Health Canada

BTNX Rapid Response

Abbott Panbio

Roche SARS-CoV-2 

"We know that many organizations can benefit from rapid screening programs in order to catch cases early and break chains of transmission."

Alberta Health Minister, April 2021

"We know rapid testing, even right now with the variants spreading, is really important to get us to a place where we're starting mass vaccinations..."

Prime Minister of Canada, February 2021

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