Update on Delivery & Response Times

Response Times

We understand these times are extremely stressful for all Canadians.

Due to the rapid emergence of Omicron, we are dealing with an unexpected surge in demand. We are working hard to:

  • Fulfill your orders (This is ALWAYS our top priority)
  • Upgrade our processes
  • Expand our team

Our support team is working hard to reply to all responses as quickly as possible in a priority sequence.

We recognize there has been a delay in getting back to many of you. Please accept our sincere apologies, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Items on Backorder

All products on backorder are expected to arrive by mid February.

The global demand for rapid COVID tests continues to be at an all-time high. This has created supply constraints in Canada and many other countries.

We have secured large allotments of rapid antigen tests with multiple manufacturers and will have stock available for the coming months.

If you anticipate requiring tests this winter, we recommend purchasing products on backorder or pre-sale to get your order in the queue for priority fulfillment once stock arrives.

Our Committment to You

We are doing everything in our power to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.

If you have not received your tests, we will fulfill your order as soon as we can. All orders will be honored.

Customers can leave their orders in the queue for priority fulfillment or cancel now and receive a 100% refund.

We appreciate your patience as we work through your requests in a priority sequence.

Government First Right

Please note that Government has the right to appropriate COVID-19 antigen tests from manufacturers. Our stock availability may be delayed due to allotments being unexpectedly taken by the Government.

Partial Orders

Recognizing how important it is for people to get tests, we ship partial orders. This allows us to ship as many tests as possible as quickly as possible and helps avoid tests sitting in a warehouse when they could be in the hands of the Canadians who need them.

We will send the rest of your order as soon as we can at no additional cost. 

Tracking Information

You will receive a tracking number once the order has shipped. Please check your spam folder in case you don’t receive your confirmation and tracking info. You do not need to create an account to receive tracking information. 

We ask that you please be patient as we work through the backlog. All orders will be shipped with UPS overnight priority.

How to Contact Us

To help respond to you sooner, we are trying to centralize all requests through the web chat feature. Please note, this is not an immediate response. Our team is working through the request queue in the order they were received. 

Delivery & Response Times

For all products that are not on backorder, we anticipate a delivery timeline of 2-4 business days.

Thank You

The web chat remains the best way to leave a message for our team. We know wait times are still a little longer than usual, but we will continue to respond as quickly as possible.

We are expanding our customer support team and expect to return to shorter response times soon.

Thank you again for trusting us with your order.

Happy testing!

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