Why COVID headaches can be hard to shake — and when you should worry

For some people with COVID-19, the pain in their skull is so intense they consider a trip to the emergency room.
For others, it might come in throbbing waves or feel like a constant mild ache; it could be gone within minutes of taking painkillers or still be there months later.

Air Canada flies 100,000 passengers in one day for first time since March 2020

Air Canada (AC.TO) flew more than 100,000 passengers in one day for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, another sign that the airline's recovery is underway as travel demand returns.

List of Official Covid Symptoms Expanded to Include Sore Throat and Fatigue

The official list of Covid-19 symptoms has been expanded to include nine new signs of illness.
The extension of the symptoms list to include ailments such as sore throat, fatigue and headache could help to reduce infections, one expert said.

Which BAD #RATitudes irritate Canada most?

In hopes of preventing more illness over the coming months, this survey looked closely at how Canadians fared with COVID over the holidays:

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