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How Observed Testing Works

COVID testing has quickly become part of our daily routines. For many people, proof of negative COVID test is now required for traveling abroad, attending a live event, or even just going to work.

Observed Test for Travel or Workplace: Provides testing assistance and test results confirmation via a video call with a healthcare professional.

Rapid Test & Trace Canada is here to help! Our at-home rapid COVID testing model is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to prove you’re COVID negative.

Here’s how it works…

How Observed Testing Works


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Book Your Appointment

Our friendly online healthcare professionals are here when you need them to be. Just schedule a time that works for you. Payment is required upon booking.


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Optional Test Delivery

If you don’t already have an authorized antigen test, you can place an order through our online store and have rapid COVID tests delivered to your door.


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Digital Document

Our team provides the necessary electronic test results to prove your COVID status, and decide whether you can travel, attend an event or safely go to work.


Our testing program adheres to the requirements of Canadian, US and other travel programs requirements. It is your responsibility to determine the needs of the airline or cruise and the destination to which you are traveling. We only create the documentation and observe the testing process in accordance with Canadian & US travel requirements which are typically the gold standard. 

Yes, but if you are booking for someone who requires assistance, please arrange for the support they need to operate an internet connected device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. 

The session can take up to 20 minutes. If you think you need more time, book more than one session but it will be an additional cost. 

Yes, but rather than you booking weeks in advance, driving out to the location, on good or bad weather, you can simply connect online and save time and money. 

Yes, we offer both travel and workplace testing. 

Currently, you must book a session for each family member because we need to create a record for every individual and gather data from them.

How Observed Testing Works

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