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Some Special Events may require you to obtain a COVID-19 test for entry, or you may want to have extra peace of mind when going to your next gathering.

Our trained and friendly healthcare staff will guide you through the testing process via webcam. The session can even be done on your mobile device, all you need is a reliable internet connection.

Upon completion of the test, our staff will interpret the results and issue an electronic copy of your results by email so you can submit it to your workplace. Please check with the Event Organizer for any specific testing requirements.


Where do I go to book the testing service or session?

Select which online testing service you need: Travel or workplace. Upon payment, you will be emailed a booking link automatically where you can select a convenient time and date for you to take your online test. We are open 7 days a week, from 8:00 AM to midnight EST.

Can I book for someone else?

Yes, but if you are booking for someone who requires assistance, please arrange for the support they need to operate an internet connected device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

How does the program work?

You need a Health Canada authorized device such as the ones sold by us, Rapid Test and Trace. You pay for the session(s) you need and then book once for each session. We use Calendly, an online booking tool that sends you a meeting invite with the instructions and a link so that on the day of your session, you can click this link and join at your scheduled time. You will be connected with one of our health professionals who will observe and guide you through the testing process. Our team is required to make the interpretation and issue you a test report which will be emailed to you shortly after your session ends.

How long will it take?

The session can take up-to 20 minutes. If you think you need more time, book more than one session but it will be an additional cost.

Is this like the program at the pharmacies?

Yes, but rather than you booking weeks in advance, driving out to the location, on good or bad weather, you can simply connect online and save time and money.

Do you have COVID tests for travel?

Yes, we offer both travel and workplace testing.

How do I book in my family?

Currently, you must book a session for each family member because we need to create a record for every individual and gather data from them. Coming soon, there will be a process to book multiple family members.

Can I use the tests that I bought from Rapid Test & Trace when I go away on vacation?

Yes you can!

Is your testing program authorized for travel?

Our testing program adheres to the requirements of Canadian, US and other travel programs requirements. It is your responsibility to determine the needs of the airline or cruise and the destination to which you are traveling. We only create the documentation and observe the testing process in accordance with Canadian & US travel requirements which are typically the gold standard.

Is virtual observed testing permitted for travel to enter or return to Canada?

Yes, Virtual, Observed Travel Testing is permitted.
Starting February 28: Proof of a professionally administered or observed antigen test taken outside of Canada no more than 1 day before to your scheduled flight or entry to Canada by land or water:

  • The one-day window does not depend on the time of day the test was taken or the time of your flight or entry.
  • For example, if your flight is scheduled to leave or you enter by land any time on Friday, you could provide proof of a negative result from an antigen test taken any time on Thursday, or on Friday.
  • It must be administered or observed by a pharmacy, laboratory, healthcare entity or telehealth service.
  • Test must be authorized for sale or distribution in Canada or in the jurisdiction in which it was obtained.
  • The test must be performed outside of Canada

Source: COVID-19 vaccinated travellers entering Canada – Travel restrictions in Canada – Travel.gc.ca
It is your responsibility to determine travel requirements for your destination and carrier.


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