Shirin Borja

Writer, Registered Medical Technologist

Author Bio

Shirin is a Registered Medical Technologist with over five years of laboratory work and over three years of content writing experience. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shirin served as a contact tracer, specimen sample collector, and data gatherer, giving her first-hand experiences with COVID testing, patient care, and precautions. Shirin is finishing her master's in medical technology while pursuing her passion for writing. With her professional background and love for writing, she aims to help people live their best lives by living healthily. When not writing or reading, Shirin loves to cook, play with her dogs, and travel to new places.

Author Articles

How Long Do HIV Test Results Take

Making human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) test a part of your health routine is important for maintaining your health, whether you have one or multiple sexual partners. One common question people

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