One of the best ways you can take action is by contacting your local elected representatives. Please consider emailing the below letter to your local MLA or MP. The letter is available as a Google Doc for you to easily copy and modify as needed. 

December 2020 Letter to Your MLA or MP

SUBJECT: Enable Widespread Rapid Antigen Testing 


Dear [MP / MLA / MPP / MNA],

Canadians need our governments, both federal and provincial, to implement widespread, frequent use of rapid antigen tests and improved contact tracing systems to break transmission chains and quickly stop the spread of COVID-19.

Rapid antigen tests can be just as effective as PCR tests at detecting those who are contagious with COVID-19. Academic studies and real life examples have shown that, due to their low cost and swift delivery of results, rapid antigen tests are incredibly effective at finding those who have contracted COVID-19.

While rapid antigen tests are less accurate than PCR tests, science shows that it is better to have a less sensitive test with results today than a more sensitive one with results tomorrow in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

To achieve this, we ask the following:

  • For our governments to increase the number of Canadians tested daily to at least 1 million
  • To upgrade our contact tracing systems and hire more people in public health to assist in this effort
  • To procure more rapid tests and work with the private sector to enable immediate domestic production and distribution of these tests
  • Invest $100 million to jump-start domestic manufacturing capacity for rapid antigen tests
  • Invest $1 billion to implement nationwide rapid antigen testing for one year
  • Create a public health authorization path for at-home rapid antigen tests 

For less than 0.25% of what the federal government has spent thus far on economic relief packages, widespread rapid testing, in conjunction with robust contact tracing, mask-wearing and physical distancing, could save untold lives and yield massive economic benefits by allowing our society to reopen safely within weeks. 

Please visit for more information — thank you!

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