ASTM Level 3 Mask

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Non-woven, Medical Mask
50 sealed ASTM Level 3 masks per box
Filtration Efficiency
>99% bacterial filtration
Barrier Level
Health Canada Level 3
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Crafted with utmost care and precision, the ASTM Level 3 Mask is designed to provide you with the highest level of protection and comfort. These masks meet Health Canada’s Level 3 mask requirements and are ASTM F2100-19 compliant. With its advanced composition and superior features, this mask ensures safety in various healthcare settings.

Additional Information:

  • Barrier Level: These masks boast a level 3 barrier, providing an exceptional shield against fluid penetration and airborne contaminants
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: With a rating of over 99%, these masks effectively filter out bacteria, safeguarding you and those around you
  • Resistance to Penetration by Blood: Tested and proven to withstand synthetic blood penetration up to 160 mmHg
  • Flame Spread: Class 1
  • Medical Type: Designed for medical applications, complying with industry standards and regulations
  • Shelf Life: 3 years


Clean and dry your hands before handling the mask. Hold the mask by the ear loops or ties and position it over your nose and mouth. Ensure a snug fit by adjusting the mask, and covering your nose, mouth, and chin completely.
After using, remove the mask using ear loops or ties, taking care not to touch the front surface. Discard the used mask immediately in a closed bin or appropriate waste container.

Intended Use

  • Medical Use
  • Hospital
  • Veterinary
  • Dentist
  • Surgical


What is an ASTM Level 3 Mask?

An ASTM Level 3 Mask is a type of face mask that meets specific highest standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for medical and surgical face masks. These masks provide a high level of barrier protection against fluids, particulate matter, and aerosols. They are designed for use in medical and healthcare settings where there is a higher risk of exposure to potentially infectious materials.

How effective are ASTM Level 3 Masks in preventing the spread of infectious diseases?

ASTM Level 3 Masks are highly effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. They offer a superior level of filtration with a 3-layer protective design and fluid resistance compared to lower-level masks. With a high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and resistance to penetration by synthetic blood, these masks provide a reliable barrier against airborne pathogens and bodily fluids, reducing the risk of transmission.

Are ASTM Level 3 Masks reusable?

No, ASTM Level 3 Masks are typically designed for single use and are not intended to be reused. They are considered disposable masks and should be discarded after each use. Reusing disposable masks can compromise their effectiveness and increase the risk of contamination.

How long will the delivery take?

Order by 1PM EST for same-day shipping. Current delivery is 2-4 days from the date of purchase (note: if there is a backorder message on the product page, you will be notified when your item ships). Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to a P.O. Box.

5 reviews for ASTM Level 3 Mask

  1. Justin Johnson (verified customer)

    Great value for the price! This 50 masks pack has been a staple in my home now. Truly top-notch quality.

  2. Tyler Clark (verified customer)

    Purchased the 50 masks pack for my family. High quality and fits everyone well. A reliable choice in these times.

  3. Grace Perez (verified customer)

    These Medical Masks in the 50-pack are a lifesaver. Used them daily and they never fail to give me the protection I need.

  4. James Walker (verified customer)

    Rapid Test & Trace never disappoints. Their Medical Masks are top-notch, providing the safety I need. Kudos!

  5. Sarah Weiss (verified customer)

    Recently bought Medical Masks from Rapid Test & Trace. The quality is exceptional, and they fit snugly. Highly recommend!

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Original price was: $7.00.Current price is: $6.00./box of 50You save $1.00 (14% Off)
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