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Collection Method:
Urine (Midstream)
Time to Result:
3 to 5 minutes
Min 5 tests/order
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Availability: In stock

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This Pregnancy Test by CiTEST offers enhanced sensitivity for more accurate results. With its advanced technology, this 1-pack test provides a reliable and convenient way to detect pregnancy early on, ensuring peace of mind for women seeking prompt answers and reassurance.

Note: this test is not used for disease diagnosis; it is used to detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in urine, indicating pregnancy.

Get Peace of Mind with Enhanced Sensitivity

Wondering after how many days pregnancy can be confirmed by a urine test? CiTEST is specifically designed to detect pregnancy hormones as early as 7-10 days after conception, allowing you to get prompt answers.

With CiTEST, you no longer need to wait for maximum days to confirm pregnancy. The enhanced sensitivity ensures that you can obtain accurate results within a shorter timeframe, reducing anxiety and uncertainty.

When it comes to taking the test, you might wonder how long to hold your urine. With CiTEST, there’s no need to wait for an extended period. Simply collect your urine sample in a clean, dry cup and dip the test strip for a few seconds, and you’ll have your results within minutes.

Before taking a pregnancy test, it’s important to know what not to do. Avoid excessive fluid intake or diuretics before testing, as it may dilute the hormone concentration in your urine, potentially affecting the accuracy of the results. For the most reliable outcome, it’s recommended to take the test with your first morning urine, as it tends to have the highest hormone concentration.

CiTEST ensures both sensitivity and specificity in its results. The test is highly sensitive to the presence of pregnancy hormones, offering accurate readings with minimal chances of false negatives. Additionally, its specificity guarantees that you can trust the positive results, providing you with confidence and clarity.

Curious about how soon a pregnancy test will read positive? With CiTEST, you can detect the pregnancy hormones as early as 7-10 days after conception, allowing for early confirmation of pregnancy, even before a missed period.

If you’re wondering how soon after unprotected intercourse you can test for pregnancy, CiTEST can detect pregnancy hormones in the early stages, typically 7-10 days after conception. However, keep in mind that individual hormone levels and implantation times can vary, so it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional for the most accurate guidance.

For individuals with a 28-day cycle, CiTEST can provide accurate results as early as 3-4 days before your expected period. However, please note that every woman’s body is different, and hormone levels may vary, so it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

The CiTEST Pregnancy Test with enhanced sensitivity is a reliable and convenient solution for early pregnancy detection. With its accuracy, ease of use, and fast results, you can gain the reassurance and information you need during this crucial time.

Additional Information

Sample Urine (Midstream)
Format Cassette
Quantity 1 test/box
Sensitivity (PPA) 25 mIU/mL or greater
Time to result Read the result at 3 minutes; do not interpret the result after 10 minutes
Storage Condition Store in a dry place at 2-30°C or 35.6-86°F. Do not freeze.


Early detection

The enhanced sensitivity of CiTEST allows for early detection of pregnancy. It can detect pregnancy hormones as early as 7-10 days after conception, providing prompt answers and reducing uncertainty.

Reliable and accurate results

The test is designed to provide reliable and accurate results, ensuring peace of mind for women seeking confirmation of pregnancy. The enhanced sensitivity reduces the chances of false negatives, offering dependable readings.

Convenient and easy to use

CiTEST is user-friendly and convenient. With a simple process, it can be easily performed at home. The clear instructions make it accessible for women to take the test confidently.

Fast results

CiTEST delivers results within minutes. There is no need to wait for an extended period, allowing for quick confirmation or alleviating concerns promptly.

Peace of mind

Whether trying to conceive or seeking clarity on a potential pregnancy, CiTEST offers peace of mind. The enhanced sensitivity and reliable results provide reassurance and help individuals plan accordingly.

Privacy and discretion

Taking a pregnancy test at home offers privacy and discretion. CiTEST allows women to perform the test in the comfort of their own space, maintaining confidentiality.


CiTEST is an affordable option for pregnancy testing. With a 1-pack offering, it provides an accessible solution without breaking the bank.

Trusted quality

CiTEST is a reputable brand known for its quality and accuracy. It meets stringent standards and is manufactured with precision, ensuring trustworthy results.

How to Use

Instructions: View a PDF of the package insert.

Intended Use

  1. Open the foil pouch and remove the midstream test immediately, ensuring it is used within one hour.
  2. Remove the cap from the midstream and either hold it, placing the absorbent tip in the urine stream, or place the absorbent tip (at least two-thirds of it) in a clean cup with urine for a minimum of 15 seconds.
  3. Replace the cap on the midstream test and carefully lay it on a clean and stable surface. Start the timer right away.
  4. After 3 minutes, read the result. It is important not to interpret the result after 10 minutes, as it may not be accurate.

By following these optimized instructions, you can ensure accurate and reliable results with the Enhanced Sensitivity Pregnancy Test by CiTEST.


To ensure safe and accurate use of the CiTEST – Enhanced Sensitivity Pregnancy Test, please review the following important precautions. Also, please read all the information provided in the package insert before conducting the test to ensure proper usage and interpretation of results.

  • Avoid using the test after the expiration date printed on the foil pouch. Expired tests may provide inaccurate results.
  • Store the test in a dry place at temperatures between 2-30°C or 35.6-86°F. Do not freeze the test, as it may affect its effectiveness.
    Do not use the test if the pouch is torn or damaged. A compromised pouch may impact the reliability of the test results.
  • Keep the test out of the reach of children. This product is intended for adult use only.
    CiTEST – Pregnancy Test is for in vitro diagnostic use only and should not be taken internally. It is designed specifically for pregnancy detection and should not be used for any other purpose.
  • Do not open the test midstream foil pouch until you are ready to start the test. Exposure to air or moisture before use may affect the accuracy of the results.
  • Dispose of the used test midstream in accordance with local regulations. Follow proper disposal guidelines to ensure environmental safety.
  • By adhering to these cautionary instructions, you can ensure the accurate and safe use of CiTEST – Pregnancy Test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the test midstream work?

A: The HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream functions by detecting the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone produced during pregnancy, in your urine. The test measures the increasing levels of this hormone as pregnancy progresses.

Q: How soon after I suspect that I am pregnant can I take the test?

A: The HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream is designed to detect hCG as early as 6 days before your missed period (5 days before the expected day of your period). The test is sensitive to low levels of the pregnancy hormone and can provide early detection.

Q: Do I have to test with first morning urine?

A: Although the test can be used at any time of the day, using your first-morning urine is typically recommended. This is because the first-morning urine is usually the most concentrated and may contain higher levels of hCG, increasing the accuracy of the test.

Q: How accurate is the test?

A: A clinical evaluation was conducted, comparing the results of the HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream to another commercially available urine hCG test. The study included 608 urine specimens, with both tests correctly identifying 231 positive and 377 negative results. The overall accuracy of the HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream was found to be over 99% when compared to the other urine hCG test.

Q: How sensitive is the test?

A: The HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Midstream can detect hCG in urine at a concentration of 10 mIU/mL or greater. The test has been standardized to the W.H.O. International Standard. It has been specifically designed to detect hCG and has shown no cross-reactivity with other hormones, such as LH, FSH, and TSH.

Q: What should I do if the result shows that I am pregnant?

A: If the test result indicates the presence of hCG in your urine, it is likely that you are pregnant. It is important to consult with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy and discuss the necessary steps and care required during this time.

Q: How do I know that the test was run properly?

A: A colored line appearing in the control line region (C) of the test indicates that you have followed the test procedure correctly and the appropriate amount of urine was absorbed. This serves as an indicator of a valid test result.

Q: What should I do if the result shows that I am not pregnant?

A: If the test result indicates that no hCG has been detected in your urine and you have not started your period within a week of its due date, it is advisable to repeat the test with a new test midstream. If the second test also yields a negative result and you still have not gotten your period, it is recommended to consult with your doctor for further evaluation and guidance.

5 reviews for Enhanced Sensitivity Pregnancy Test (hCG) – CiTEST

  1. Tiffany Gonzales (verified customer)

    Rapid Test & Trace’s CiTEST gave me peace of mind during a nerve-wracking time. Reliable and easy to use!

  2. Scott Knapp (verified customer)

    Thank you, Rapid Test & Trace, for the CiTEST Pregnancy Test. It was simple to understand and use, and the results came up fast!

  3. Erin Lane (verified customer)

    I’ve tried a few pregnancy tests before, but the one from Rapid Test & Trace was by far the most straightforward and easy to use.

  4. Jennifer Perez (verified customer)

    If you’re looking for quick results, I’d recommend CiTEST from Rapid Test & Trace. Used it twice, and it never failed me!

  5. Gregory Bond (verified customer)

    The Enhanced CiTEST Pregnancy Test from Rapid Test & Trace provided quick and accurate results. So relieved I didn’t have to wait long!

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CiTEST Enhanced Sensitivity Pregnancy TestEnhanced Sensitivity Pregnancy Test (hCG) – CiTEST

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