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Collection Method:
Urine (Midstream)
Time to Result:
2 minutes
3 tests/pack
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Over 18% of Canadian women experience urinary tract infection (UTI) in a year, with millions enduring recurrent infections.

Treating a urinary tract infection early is the key to preventing more serious problems.

Health Check RX Home Tests clearly identify if UTI is present as well as when the infection is completely removed which helps to prevent recurrences due to stopping medication before complete cure.

Two tests in one – including both Leukocyte and Nitrate tests. Identical tests are used by physicians to diagnose a UTI.

  • Easy to perform and interpret
  • Results in 2 minutes
  • Test in the comfort of your home

In the Box 

  • 3 Strips
  • Colour chart
  • Package insert


Allow the strip and urine specimen to reach room temperature (15-30°C) prior to testing. Gently wash the genital area thoroughly with soap and water then rinse well prior to testing. 

  1. Remove the strip from the closed canister or the sealed pouch and use it as soon as possible. Close the canister tightly after removing the required number of strip(s). 
  1. Hold the end of the strip farthest away from the test pad(s) and begin urinating. After 1 or 2 seconds of passing urine, hold the strip downward with the test pads pointing into the urine stream for 1-2 seconds. Make sure the test pads are completely wet. 

Note: If you prefer, you can urinate into a clean and dry container. Dip the test pad(s) of the strip completely into the urine and remove immediately. Run the edge of the strip against the rim of the urine container to remove excess urine. 

  1. After removing the strip from your urine, immediately bring the edge of the strip into contact with an absorbent material (e.g. paper towel) to remove excess urine. Lay the strip with the test pad(s) facing upwards and begin timing.  
  1. Read result at 1 minute for Nitrite and at 2 minutes for Leukocyte. Compare the test pad(s) to the colour blocks on the colour chart. Hold the strip close to the colour blocks, and carefully match each pad to the colour chart for that test.  

Note: Do not read results after 3 minutes. 

 Instructions: UTI-TEST-INSERT

Additional Information

Sample:    Urine  
Format:    Strip 
Quantity:  3 tests/pack 
Specificity:    Leukocyte and Nitrate 
Accuracy:  94.4% for the Leukocyte test and 98.4% for the Nitrite test 
Time to result:  2 minutes 
Storage Condition:    2-30°C or 36-86°F. Do not freeze. 

Intended Use

The Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips are for the detection of Leukocytes (LEU) and Nitrite (NIT) in urine. It is used as an aid in the screening of urinary tract infection.  

For in vitro diagnostic use. Not to be taken internally.  

By purchasing this product, you agree to follow the manufacturer’s intended use and the sale conditions of this website. 


What are the signs and symptoms of a UTI?

The signs and symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) typically include a strong, persistent urge to urinate, a burning sensation during urination, passing small amounts of urine frequently, cloudy or strong-smelling urine, and in some cases, pelvic pain in women. If the UTI has spread to the kidneys, symptoms may also include back pain, fever, and chills.

What are the Benefits of Urine Test

Urine tests are a quick and non-invasive diagnostic tool that can provide valuable information about your health. They help in detecting and monitoring a wide range of conditions, such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease, diabetes, and dehydration. Additionally, urine tests can assess medication effectiveness and detect substance abuse, making them an essential component of routine health screenings and medical diagnostics.

What does a positive result mean?

A positive result on a medical test indicates that the specific substance or condition the test was designed to detect has been found. Depending on the context, this could mean the presence of an infection, disease, or abnormal condition. It’s important to follow up with a healthcare provider for further evaluation and to discuss the next steps in care or treatment based on the positive result.

Can I use test Strips during my menstrual cycle?

Yes, you can use test strips during your menstrual cycle, but it’s important to be aware that blood can potentially interfere with the results, leading to inaccuracies. It is recommended to clean the area around the urethra well before testing and, if possible, try to use the test strip at a time when menstrual flow is lightest to minimize the chance of contamination.

Why is morning urine the best for testing?

Morning urine is often considered the best for testing because it is more concentrated, having accumulated in the bladder overnight. This concentration typically means higher levels of substances that may be present due to various conditions, making them easier to detect in tests. Therefore, using the first urine of the day can provide more accurate and reliable test results.

If I am taking an antibiotic will it affect the UTI test?

Yes, taking antibiotics can affect the results of a UTI test. Antibiotics work to eliminate bacteria causing the infection, which can lead to a negative test result even if an infection was present when you began treatment. It’s important to inform your healthcare provider about any antibiotics or other medications you are taking before undergoing a UTI test.

What are the limits of the UTI test?

UTI tests, particularly at-home dipstick tests, have certain limitations. They can accurately detect signs of infection such as nitrites and leukocytes but cannot identify the specific type of bacteria causing the infection or determine antibiotic susceptibility. For a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan, further testing and consultation with a healthcare provider are necessary.

4 reviews for UTI Test Strips – Health Check (3-Pack)

  1. William Ellis

    I recently purchased the Health Check RX UTI Test and I am extremely satisfied with the product. The test was very easy to use and gave me results within just 2 minutes. The instructions provided were clear and concise, making the process hassle-free. The fact that the test checks for both Leukocyte and Nitrate is a great feature, as it ensures a comprehensive analysis. Overall, this test is a reliable and convenient way to check for UTI at home.

  2. David Adkins

    I highly recommend the Health Check RX UTI Test for anyone looking for a quick and accurate way to check for urinary tract infections. The test is identical to the ones used by physicians, which gave me confidence in its reliability. The best part is that I could perform the test in the comfort of my own home, saving me a trip to the doctor’s office. The results were easy to interpret and provided peace of mind. This test is definitely worth the price.

  3. John Johnson

    I have used several different UTI tests in the past, but the Health Check RX UTI Test is by far the best. The test strips are high quality and the results are very accurate. The instructions were easy to understand and the test was very easy to perform.

  4. William Jones

    I have been dealing with recurrent UTIs for quite some time now and this Health Check RX UTI Test has been a game-changer for me. It is affordable and I can easily test for a UTI in the comfort of my own home. The test is very accurate and the results are easy to interpret. I would highly recommend this test to anyone who suffers from UTIs.

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