Psychotherapy Services

Good mental health is crucial for your happiness and wellbeing both at work and at home. Virtual Psychotherapy Services by RT Medical provide:
Our virtual psychotherapy services help you address depression, anxiety, stress, burnout and other issues stemming from being a care provider.

Why Choose us

Value Transparency

We eliminate the guesswork and provide you with the most reliable advice.

Contract Terms

With periodic sessions, you don’t need to commit yourself to us for an extended time.

Peace of Mind

Our experts are compassionate and trained, and they come with the trust of RTTC.

Virtual Psychotherapy Services

Available for Direct Booking

Individual psychotherapy sessions tailored to the unique needs of care providers

Assessment and diagnosis of mental health conditions to guide treatment planning

Psychoeducation and guidance on managing mental health symptoms and improving overall well-being

Collaborative treatment planning & referrals to other healthcare professionals or specialized services when necessary

Evidence-based therapeutic approaches to address various mental health concerns

Support in navigating the Canadian healthcare system to access appropriate resources and services

Regular progress monitoring and adjustments to the treatment plan as needed

Confidential and compassionate therapeutic environment to foster trust and open communication

Access to experienced and qualified psychotherapists specialized in working with care providers

Meet Our Therapists

Reviews That Inspire

These reviews will give you an insight into how good our sessions really are. Our virtual therapy sessions will rejuvenate your body and mind as our experts guide you in the right direction.

Proudly trusted by hundreds of organizations across Canada​

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