HIV Testing in Manitoba

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HIV testing is a critical component of maintaining public health and looking after everyone’s wellbeing.

Manitoba recognizes the importance of accessible human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing and is taking significant steps to provide free and confidential testing options to its residents.

If you live in Manitoba, here is how you can avail of free HIV testing.

Free HIV testing clinics in Manitoba

HIV testing in Manitoba is designed to be accessible, confidential and supportive, so everyone can feel comfortable getting tested.

Manitoba boasts several free HIV testing clinics spread across the province, all of which are staffed by healthcare professionals trained to provide confidential testing, counselling services, information on prevention and treatment options.

The Manitoba Harm Reduction Network works toward equitable access, systemic change, and reducing the transmission sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI) through advocacy, policy work, education, research and relationships.

516 Main St E
Swan River, Manitoba
R0L 1Z0


Implement and maintain an education program on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and STIs targeting youth

111 Cook Avenue
The Pas, Manitoba
R9A 1K4


Promoting sexual health through education.

167 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3C 2B7


Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre Inc. (SHCC) is a sexual violence resource centre, serving those of all genders in the Interlake Eastern Region of Manitoba.

24 Aberdeen Ave
Pinawa, Manitoba
R0E 1L0


Walk – In Connected Care Clinics (WICC) are available to the general public on a walk-in basis to meet unexpected health care needs during times when it is difficult to see your regular care provider. Walk-In Connected Care is provided by nurse practitioners, physician assistants and registered nurses; they will directly communicate and connect back to your regular care provider if required.

McGregor WICCC, 2-363 McGregor Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2W 4X4


How to participate in the free HIV Testing

If you’re a Manitoba resident, you can get tested by visiting a local public health office or contacting a community health centre to inquire about testing services. Most clinics operate on a walk-in basis or by appointment to accommodate different schedules. Also, check the operating hours and whether an appointment is needed before visiting.

HIV testing options in Manitoba

The province offers various testing options to cater to the diverse needs of its population.

Know your HIV status by choosing any of these options.

Private clinic

Private clinics offer confidential testing services. While some may charge a fee, you can expect private and personalized care.

Local lab

If you have a healthcare provider’s referral and prefer a clinical setting, you can opt to get tested in a local laboratory.

Vacuum test tube with blood in the doctor's hand. blood test for hepatitis. Blue background.

Community clinic

Community clinics are a great option for free and anonymous testing. They’re accessible and often provide additional support services.

At home

For those who prefer privacy or cannot visit a clinic, at-home HIV test kits are a great solution to knowing your HIV status. These kits allow you to test yourself in the privacy of your home.

At-home HIV test

The at-home HIV test is a convenient option if you’re looking for privacy and convenience. These tests are reliable, easy to use and provide results within minutes. You can also claim free at-home HIV test kits from various sources in Manitoba, including community health centres and online platforms dedicated to HIV prevention and awareness.

Frequently asked questions

Why get tested for HIV?

Getting tested for HIV allows you to know your HIV status, seek early treatment if necessary and take steps to prevent the spread of HIV to others. Early detection can significantly improve the quality of life and longevity of those living with HIV.

Who should get tested for HIV?

Everyone should consider getting tested for HIV at some point in their lives, especially those who engage in high-risk behaviours, have multiple sexual partners, share needles or have a partner who is HIV-positive. More frequent testing is recommended for those at higher risk.

When should I be tested for HIV?

It’s advisable to get tested if you think you’ve been exposed to HIV or if you engage in activities that increase your risk of infection. Additionally, getting tested before starting a new sexual relationship is a good practice for both partners’ health and safety.

What if I test positive for HIV?

Testing positive for HIV can be a life-changing event, but keep in mind that HIV is a manageable condition with proper care and treatment. Manitoba offers comprehensive care and support for people diagnosed with HIV, including counselling, treatment options and community support to help manage the condition and lead a healthy life.

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